About Us

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum at the El Segundo Co-Op emphasizes play and hands-on experience. We endeavor to create a stimulating learning environment that balances sensory activities, cognitive skill games, and fine and gross motor activities. The curriculum revolves around a monthly theme, with planned daily activities that build upon the theme. Some of these activities include:

  • Child-centered art projects, easel painting and play-dough
  • Outdoor play, such as climbing, digging, running and ball games
  • Science and nature projects, including a magnetic sand table
  • Reading books in our library area
  • Musical activities and instruments
  • Fantasy play
  • Movement and dance
  • Sand, water table and seed table play
  • Building toys and manipulative activities, such as puzzles, blocks and trains
  • Guest visitors and field trips

Through these types of play, our programs develop and satisfy a child’s natural desire to learn, so s/he may gain:

  • Self-reliance
  • Independence
  • Respect for others and the environment
  • Cooperation
  • Logical thinking
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Readiness for formal learning

Program Goals

At the El Segundo Co-Op, the overall goal is to provide a fun and safe environment that fosters a child’s development along many different dimensions:

Social: Develop mutually satisfying interactions between children and adults; respect the rights of others; understand and accept school rules and limits; increase language and communications skills; and learn moral values.

Emotional: Develop healthy self-esteem; foster independence, develop the ability to care for self and belongings; learn appropriate expression of feelings and emotions; develop self-control, patience and understanding.

Physical: Learn healthy habits; develop coordination, strength and endurance; develop fine motor control and hand-eye coordination; and understand and follow safety rules.

Cognitive: Foster curiosity, exploration, inventiveness and creativity; develop self-motivation; experience a sense of wonder and the joy of learning; allow mistakes to be made; promote learning by discovery; develop concentration and learn to complete tasks; learn to solve problems and make decisions; and see oneself as a successful learner.

Creative: Foster and encourage individual expression through art, dance, music and language; and allow time for individual expression.