At the heart of the
El Segundo community since 1947

Let’s play and learn together! Our fun-filled preschool activities stimulate curious minds to discover, thrive, and acquire important skills. Watch your child unleash their potential with our assistance!

Growing Great Minds in Preschool

Welcome to El Segundo Co-op Nursery School, where children can explore, learn, and have fun.

Our Philosophy

El Segundo Cooperative Nursery School encourages and supports personal and social growth of children. Our philosophy is based on respect for the uniqueness and dignity of each individual. This approach to preschool education allows children the freedom to experience their own creativity, to explore their world, and to develop their inner strengths and resources. Mutual respect and cooperation are encouraged, as well as socializing, problem solving and, of course, fun.

The role of the adult in this environment is to assist and guide, rather than direct or entertain. It is our belief that children who experience this philosophy delight in their sense of independence and accomplishment, accept responsibility and like and respect themselves and others. These children will continue to explore and discover with confidence and enthusiasm, and have a strong foundation for further academic success.

The Cooperative Spirit​

We're Your Neighbors

Welcome to Our Community

We're here for each other, joined together in the joy of watching our children grow as a community of young people. At no other time in their lives will we have the opportunity to be so involved and influential in their education.

The Joy of Discovery

We experience our child's joy of discovery, which is a testament to the vibrant learning environment we provide. It's a place where every day is an adventure and every learning moment is cherished.

Power of Independence

Our preschool promotes the power of independence, encouraging children to explore, make choices, and learn through their own experiences. This fosters a sense of confidence and self-reliance that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Pride of Accomplishment

Seeing our children's pride of accomplishment is one of the greatest rewards. Whether it's a small task or a big project, we celebrate their successes and encourage their effort, reinforcing their belief in their own abilities.

The ESCNSG Parent Experience

As ESCNSG parents, we have experienced the rewards of a cooperative preschool, and know that we have truly provided an excellent learning opportunity for our children. Being actively involved in our children's education allows us to witness their growth firsthand.

The Value of Participation

Though participation in a cooperative preschool can be demanding, we find the rewards of parent education and the time spent interacting with our children are well worth the effort. It's a commitment that enriches not just our children's lives, but ours as well.